PLC Mark II Full Frame Lens Test Projector

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The DENZ PLC Mark II is a LED projector for checking the resolution and the focal length of lenses right up to the full format. A precisely positioned new test slide can be used to check the focal length of the lens. The position is read directly from the dial to <0.01mm. Sharpeness of the center / edge, image distortion, homogeneity, lens marking of the distance and “pumping” can be tested in analogy to a commercially available stand projector.

  • Analogue positioning: free float, low maintenance, thermal safe
  • Test range flange focal length: 1.5mm
  • Reading accuracy scale ring < 10μm (smallest division)
  • DENZ test chart including FullFrame (36.0 x 24.0), RED Helium, Super35, APS-C, MFT, 1”
  • Siemensstars and linepairs 12-200 lp/mm; anamorphotic Siemenstars 2:1
  • LED optimized for homogeneous illumination
  • brightness 4200lm
  • Thermo-safe: active cooling enables operation for hours, lamp housing cooled by new developed indirect cooling to prevent pollutants