MFC 65 Remote Controlled Projector

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The MFC65 projector is a high-end test projector for all cine lenses up to an image circle of Ø60mm. The MFC 65 offers the DENZ Basic Mount having an extremely short flange focal depth of 9mm, which allows adaptation of all common mounts in cinema and photo. Its lens mount adapters are among the most diverse in the industry that includes standard PL, ARRI LPL, ARRI XPL-60, SONY-E, CANON EF and PANAVISION.

  • Interchangeable lens mount and reticle
  • Short flange focal length 9mm
  • Free aperture mount Ø87mm
  • Well suited for lens mount PL, E, EF, XPL, PV70, PV
  • Designed for 15mm/19mm rods
  • All settings are remote-controllable