FDC Multi

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The FDC Multi by DENZ measures the flange focal distance of digital video cameras with PL mount. It is a must-have for any production crew that enjoys working with exactly adjusted cameras. Once mounted on the camera, the FDC Multi is able to directly measure the flange depth of PL mounts. Another flange focal distances can be measured with the same accuracy as well by adding the additional EF/EFS (Canon) adapter, E (Sony) adapter, F (Nikon) adapter, MFT (Micro Four Third).

The FDC Multi provides a highly accurate connection that does not alter the measurement accuracy.

  • Precise measuring instrument for direct measurement of PL-mount cameras and other camera formats with additional adapter rings
  • Used by leading camera manufacturers to calibrate their cameras before delivery
  • Powered by the main adapter for stationary use
  • Supports DC 3V battery for mobile use
  • Automatic power on/off function saves battery power