Boogie Wheels

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Boogie Wheels, with its unique and flexible design, will keep any dolly steady on straight or curved tracks. It gives a smooth ride even on old tracks or rough track joints. With four pairs of individually articulated skateboard wheels (24 wheels in total) located underneath a swivelling, Boogie Wheels can accommodate any dolly.

  • 8 x 3 skateboard wheels (24 in total)
  • Articulated wheels combined with swivelling tray
  • Offset position of skateboard wheels
  • 2x trays with swivelling platform and precision bearings
  • Adjustable tray (wheel clamp) for different dolly wheel diameters (200-280mm)
  • Navigates tight curves from 1.5m/5ft radius
  • Tray with three points of contact with the dolly wheel for perfect and secure fit
  • Made of lightweight aluminium