S-type Dolly

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Panther’s latest addition S-Type Dolly combines the best of the scissors arm and centre-column dolly concepts to create one that is superior in every way. The S-Type is powered by an electro-mechanical drive system, the first of its kind. This solves many problems with hydraulics systems, such as, dripping oil, limited functions, and pumps.


Plus, it features a detachable scissors-arm with the patented full-range features, making it the ideal platform for smooth tracking shots. Under the full length of the scissors-arm, now cinematographers can go high up or down low up to 73 cm without using any additional high-low rig.


The S-Type is designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible with innovations like slide-in batteries that can be pushed simply into the side of the dolly. The battery is also easy to handle and transport with its carrying handle.

  • Powered by electro-mechanical drive system
  • Patented scissors-arm with low and super-low mode
  • Detachable arm & steering rod
  • 100% linear motion
  • Waterproof wireless handset
  • Slim and lightweight “slide-in” batteries
  • 4 steering modes