Classic Plus

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The Classic Plus is Panther’s successor to its well-loved Classic Dolly. The dolly is based on a rugged, almost maintenance free and sturdy design. Its central column configuration provides users with easy operation and unconstrained versatility. All control elements are coloured to be easily recognised and handled. Bolts can be fixed in an ‘open’ position and adapted to tracks perfectly, especially for curves

  • Rugged, almost maintenance free and sturdy design
  • Easy operation, unconstrained versatility
  • Tool-less switchover
  • Operable in narrow gauge (36cm) and wide gauge (62cm)
  • Removable steer out extension
  • Foldable and telescopic push bar
  • Patented and real Crab and Steer mechanism ensures perfect and smooth circular curves
  • Patented High Low Turnstile which is rotatable 360o and interlocked play-free