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RADICAL was designed from the ground up to excel on rough terrain, at high speeds and even on the water. It features a modular design for easy transportation, assembly and storage.


Available INS 2 Advanced Stabilisation allows RADICAL to maintain Lift axis angle with accuracy that rivals systems 10-20x the cost. This is especially important for off-road applications where the lens needs to “float” over terrain with the subject.


The MotoCrane SSG Kit (Speedrail Suction Grid) makes it easy to add industry standard 1-1/2” speedrail to the roof of cars, trucks, SUV’s, supercars, boats, UTV’s and any other platform you can think of.


Using industry standard 1-1/2” TUV Certified speedrail clamps, RADICAL mounts to all kinds of platforms.


The SSG Kit includes the essentials of rigging and can be customized with up to 2 additional 9” suction cups as needed.


Choose between two new COMMAND Console options, both featuring an all-new full-color touchscreen user interface for controlling, configuring and monitoring ever aspect of RADICAL. Designed 100% in-house at MotoCrane, and machined from a single billet of 6061 aluminum, both controllers are optimized for intuitive and effective arm operation.


  • 12-foot reach
  • 90 MPH 360-degree swing
  • 45 lbs payload with heavy-lift
  • 6.0-sec, 360-degree swing
  • IP65 weather-rated
  • RADICAL L/S Kit available to optimize RADICAL for 14ft reach or 55lbs payload