Featuring a new 12’ arm, a 25kg payload rating, and powerful motors, ULTRA delivers new levels of performance. ULTRA is the longest of any universal remote arm.
ULTRA is built for off-road performance in the heat, snow, and rain. Constructed of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, ULTRA has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any compact arm. The 3-axis Isolator keeps stabilized heads undisturbed during aggressive use on the track.

ULTRA is the lightest, most portable remote arm system among the offer from MotoCrane.

Weighing just 190lbs unloaded, it is one of the only 12’ arms capable of flying as checked baggage.

ULTRA mounts to cars, trucks, UTV’s, boats and custom rigs via 4x TÜV-Certified 2″ Speedrail clamps. Our Suction Speedrail Grid (SSG) Kit creates a temporary speed rail grid anywhere you need it. If you can dream it, ULTRA can probably do it.

Two controller options Compact Controller and Extended Controller are available.

Compact Controller is simplified for travel, confined spaces, and smaller crews; featuring useful monitoring tools and single-stick operation for simple arm moves. The MotoCrane Extended Controller features dual-stick operation for independent control of the Swing and Lift axes. It’s centered around a 7” touchscreen display for real-time position feedback, speed, limits, and system diagnostics. Operating on an automotive-grade CAN-BUS protocol, it is the most fully-featured of any remote arm control interface.


  • 12’ reach
  • 25kg payload (30kg with Heavylift) around the vehicle at speeds in excess of 75mph/120kmh
  • 1.0G handling
  • 2,500 watts
  • 1000+ ft-lbs of torque