MotoCrane HYPER is a no-compromise remote arm system that combines new, lightweight aluminium chassis structures with high-power brushless motor drives for throwing around massive payloads and brutal speeds.

An internally reinforced turret structure comprised of nearly 100% aluminium results in low weight and high structural rigidity. The arm design takes advantage of tall z-axis bracing for increased stiffness. Opposing braided steel turnbuckles provide lateral stiffness for reducing flex during heavy acceleration, cornering, and braking.

With a combined peak power of 6000W, both Lift and Swing axes are outfitted with large brushless motors for responsive control and blazing fast arm speeds. The Swing axis generates 4000 ft-lbs of torque and completes a 360° revolution in less than 5.5 seconds.

HYPER is designed for our customers with semi-permanent integration to a dedicated tracking vehicle. HYPER is just 1 piece of the tracking vehicle puzzle. With streamlined peripheral integrations, it’s easy to connect power, video, and comms for your gimbal, video accessories, and any other equipment.

Enjoy 360° unlimited swing rotation, while passing up to 50 amps of accessory power (5-60VDC), and up to 6 channels of accessory comms from inside the vehicle. The 3G-SDI slipring also makes it simple to pass video signal through HYPER for wiring monitors within the vehicle.


  • 14+ ft reach (up to 20 ft)
  • 100+ MPH 360 degree swing
  • 120 lbs payload
  • 5.5 sec 360 degree swing
  • IP65 weather rated