Strummer DNA Kit

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The Strummer DNA from Bright Tangerine is a reconfigurable matte box that allows the switching out of one filter stage assembly (cassette) for another one with stages of a different size in just moments. It offers a 143mm diameter when using 5.65″ stages, and 165mm diameter when using 6.6″ stages. It will also support 14mm Cooke lenses in 3 PV stages, and will cover a 12mm Master Prime with a 6″ stage. The individual stages are easily separated with the click of a button, making maintenance a breeze. All stages are rotatable 360° (with the exception of certain cassettes).

  • Reconfigurable studio matte box
  • Swappable, expandable stage assemblies
  • Interchangeable 6.6″ 2-stage cassette
  • 143mm diameter when using 5.65″ stages
  • 165mm diameter when using 6.6″ stages• Swing-away bracket & 19mm arm
  • Flag bracket with mounting threads
  • Top flag mounts; side 3/8″ mounts