Misfit Kick

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Misfit Kick

Building on the success of the original Misfit, Bright Tangerine has made a few incremental improvements to create the newly addition Misfit Kick. Misfit Kick is the next generation matte box for all cinematographers. This kit comes ready with two 4×5.65″ filter trays. Configurable to clip on, rod mount or swing away.


To complete the system, simply add a Frame Safe clamp adapter to suit the lens and you have a complete matte box ranging from 80mm to 143mm. The clamp adapters use the new Frame Safe design for an extra wide field of view, even when using large format sensors with wide lenses.


The Misfit Kick features an all-new patented reveal stage design, making it more robust and easier to operate in the field, converting from a 2-stage to 3-stage matte box without any extra hardware or tools, just a third filter tray.


  • Patented Reveal Stage for tool-less conversion to 3-stage
  • Works with Frame Safe Clamp Adapters for Misfit Kick and compatible with ARRI clamp adapters
  • Configurable to clip on, rod mount or swing away on 15mm LWS or 15/19mm Studio supports
  • Compatible with ARRI filter trays