Misfit Atom

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The Misfit Atom Matte Box is an ultra lightweight 2-Stage matte box. It weighs just 98g without the shade, and 195g with it. Small, light, and affordable, the Misfit Atom, features a trayless filter holder so that filters can be loaded directly into the core, keeping weight to a minimum. It also comes with a 114mm clamp attachment that can connect to virtually any lens with the range of Misfit adapters and can rod-mount to 15mm LWS and 15mm and 19mm studio rods.

  • Ultra lightweight at 98g (without shade), 195g (with shade)
  • Covers lenses as wide as 14mm Cooke S4
  • Removable shade allows use as a filter holder
  • Retractable top flag enables lightweight light control
  • Filter trays can be tilted to avoid unwanted filter reflections
  • Supports up to two filters
  • Sturdily built from hard anodised aluminium and elasto-polymer
  • 114mm clamp connects to virtually any lens via Misfit adaptors