Scorpio Stabilized Head

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The Scorpio Stabilized Head is a digital remote head with stabilization in all axes. 5-axis turn-stabilized head for the control and stabilization of film and television camera movement. Its mechanical and electronic design makes it one of the most robust, reliable and advanced stabilized heads in its category.

The design and technological development are typical of Servicevision being free of any dual-use technology thus avoiding any legal restriction for its use.

It allows any camera package up to 45 kg and the level of stabilization is simply amazing even with 300 mm focal lenses.

Thanks to its design, the installation time and the adjustments during the changes of the camera equipment is similar to the one needed with any non-stabilized Scorpio head.

  • Highest speed is 120°/Second all axis
  • Have PAN 360° rotation
  • Able to tilt 360°
  • Can roll +/- 30°
  • Can back pan automatically
  • Head weights 33 kg / 72 lbs
  • Can carry the Max. camera weight of 45 kg / 100 lbs
  • Require 30 V DC of power
  • The maximum usable lens focal is 300mm