Mini Scorpio Head Hd

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Mini Scorpio Head HD is a camera tracking system for virtual studio and augmented reality. Scorpio cranes, heads and travelling can perform camera tracking with “Strip” integration system for real-time augmented reality and virtual studio broadcasting.

Interfacing possibility between Scorpio head and crane, allowing us to perform back pan, head will follow a target, previously chosen by setting the distance, according to the movements of the crane (pan, tilt and telescopic movements).

  • 2 and 3 axis remote head for video and film cameras
  • Mini Scorpio Head can be controlled from up to 500m by cable series RS485 or by wireless half-duplex microwave 2.4GHz
  • All axis (Pan, Tilt and Roll, and Focus, Iris and Zoom if you use the Scorpio Focus) are programmable and repeatable
  • Limits programmable, damping and speed adjustment for all axis available
  • 3 control system are available: JDR (Pan Bar), Joystick and Handwheels.
  • All information transferable to a computer by 232
  • Power supply for all film and video cameras
  • All accessories from the Scorpio Head, Scorpio Stabilized and Scorpio Focus are compatible with Mini Scorpio Head
  • New upgrade available for HD slip rings