True-pol Linear Polariser

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True-Pol filters utilise polarising film and are protected against edge-chipping and delamination by a unique Edge Seal process, which also reduces edge reflections and flare. Thanks to the absolute clarity of the glass and advanced polarising material, True-Pol filters excel even in demanding scenes like shooting through windshields in rigged vehicles. Cinematographers report that True-Pol filters capture more colour saturation, wider tonal range and greater contrast inside the car.

  • Available in various sizes: Square 4˝ x 4˝, 4˝ x 5.65˝ (Panavision size), 5˝ x 5˝, 5.65˝ x 5.65˝, 6.6˝ x 6.6˝
  • Round Drop-Ins Series 9, 4.5˝, 138mm, 6˝, 9.5˝ (Round unmounted)