Full and Split GEN2 Diopter

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The Diopter Full Gen2 filter reducing the near focus distance. The higher the strength, the shorter the focusing distance (MOD). The strength is given as reciprocal of focal length in meters. This means a +1 Diopter brings the plane of focus to 1 meter. Diopter shortens the focal length of the optical system.

The filter can give the look of a macro lens without using one and is great for reducing the MOD of vintage lenses like anamorphic and zoom lenses. The filter provides a range of effects for storytelling for a miniaturized look on a wide field lens with a large aperture to close-up images showing small details on small objects when used with a long focal length.

The Diopter Split Gen2 filter creates an image with two planes of focus instead of one. Helping to get a sharp image of the foreground and background, it highlights the relationship of the main subject to an object in the background without reducing the aperture.

The split-screen effect is also a great addition for storytelling, drawing the viewer’s attention to the background while the main scene in the foreground is unchanged. The filter is ideal for shooting in the dark or indoors low-lit environment.

Key features:

  • 138mm drop-in mount
  • Can be used in Matte Boxes
  • Broadband coating
  • No exposure compensation required
  • Strength: +1/4, +1/2, +1, +2, +3