RHOdium FSND Graduated

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Line of 5 colour-neutral Full Spectrum graduated ND filters in one stop steps. Consistent filtering of full light spectrum from IR throughout the visible spectrum down to UV (350-1.00nm). Eliminates IR pollution with all available sensors and cameras without any colour cast.

Graduated FSND filters are half clear and transitioning, either abruptly or gradually, to half neutral grey. RHOdium® Full Spectrum Graduated NDs are designed with a gradient following the natural shading of the sky, allowing a more even exposure of the image. Consistent neutrality with the solid RHOdium FSND filter line.

A truly neutral ND transmits a similar amount of light from the near UV through the visible and into the near IR. This full-spectrum ND filter is made specifically for the critical colour standards of 4K, 6K, and 8K resolution cameras. This is of particular importance in post-production colour grading because it allows the colourist to grade all the shots the same, filtered, or unfiltered. RHOdium FSND resolves even the finest detail and produces images free from distortion. By encapsulating the interlayer between the glass, rather than on the surface, RHOdium FSND filters are better protected from abrasions and other rigours of production.

Key features:

  • Follow the natural gradient of the sky
  • Hard and soft edges version available
  • Eliminate IR pollution for digital sensors
  • Available in 5 stops from 0.3 – 1.5