Schneider-Kreuznach, known for its top of the line lens filters and lenses, introduces a much sought after diffusion filter — the True-Net. Schneider’s engineering team has found the secret to recreating that time-honored, old silk stocking diffusion look resourceful cinematographers have been creating for decades. For the first time, the respected trick is as easy as slipping on a front of the lens filter. Schneider’s new True-Nets offers a choice of seven different versions that are simple to install and provide consistent results.

  • Achieves illustrious vintage look with modern convenience
  • Laminated with Schneider’s unique Edge Seal
  • Reduce edge reflection and edge flare
  • Available in 3 color options and 7 densities
  • True-Net Blacks (3 densities), True-Net Beige (2 densities) & True-Net Gray (2 densities)