Vario Jib

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The Panther Vario Jib is a versatile camera Jib Arm. Telescopic arms on both sides make the Vario Jib a universal piece of equipment for many shots.

Ergonomic and easy handling, as well as a quick set-up, facilitate your responsible job on set. A pan and tilt brake with integrated friction comes with the Vario Jib. It is designed in a very lightweight but sturdy way to meet all requirements on set.

The Vario Jib can be combined with lots of Panther Universal Accessories. The length of all 3 Vario Jibs can be extended with an extension (available in 2 different lengths) up to 1 m.* This adjustment is done very fast and without any tools.

Model Max. Length (with extension)
Vario Jib L 387 cm / 152”
Vario Jib 294 cm / 116”
Vario Jib S 133 cm / 52”


The Vario Jib can be operated manually or electrically with the Jib-A-Round Kit. The ground platform or running board bracket offers enough space for operation. The ring which is mounted on the dolly enables smooth 360° horizontal movements and great electrical vertical movements. That is how to make great shots.



  • Max length 387 cm/152 inch
  • Minimum weight 17kg/37.5lbs
  • Payload 80kg/176lbs
  • Lightweight and smart design
  • The electrical drive offers precise camera movements