AFC Robotic Head

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AFC Robotic Head

The AFC head is the ideal choice for a wide range of broadcast applications, ranging from studio camera robotics to sports production and live events. Speeds of up to 180° per second can be achieved whilst a high payload capacity offers support for full studio build-up kits including cameras, teleprompters and accessories. AFC-180, particularly, is ideal for following fast moving targets track-side, whilst high bandwidth slip rings offer unlimited pan rotation. With a small footprint, the AFC head is the perfect choice for getting close to the action without compromising picture quality. The art of fluid motion is perfectly realised through the very latest in precision motors and high-resolution gearing, together with control interfaces carefully designed to maximise the operator’s creative direction. Integration with virtual graphic and automation systems and Open API are supported as well.



  • 360° movement at up to 180° a second
  • Supports any camera up to 15kg
  • Simplified cabling (All of the cables pass through the unit for tangle free operation)
  • Remote video capture and free remote control of camera capture
  • Reliability of video and still capture
  • Easy-to-use control interface including touch screen, Joystick and Pan Bar control systems
  • Extensive AFC and camera RCU operating distances (with fibre and wireless interfaces)
  • Quick-to-use modular system
  • Easy field deployment (with integrated I/O and optional slip rings)
  • Built-in digital and manual lenses
  • Open API for direct control from 3rd party products and software