Bolt Jr+

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Bolt Jr+ is a compact, lighter-weight high-speed camera robot with a longer reach than the Bolt™ Jr. The agile, smaller rig also comes with an increased camera payload (10kg) and is an ideal solution for smaller spaces or location work.

The compact Bolt Jr+ is ideal for working in small studio spaces. At half the weight of Bolt, Bolt Jr+ is a portable motion control option that can be set up and ready for action in under an hour, making it an obvious choice for use on location.

To add another dimension of movement for the Bolt Jr+, you can run the high-speed camera system on track. Run the Bolt Jr+ along a track and follow any object, person, or landscape – giving much more flexibility in terms of visual creativity. With rapid acceleration, the Bolt Jr + on Track can reach 3 meters per second. Additionally, through MRMC’s Flair software, you have programmable acceleration profiles so you can consistently reach and maintain desired speeds with pinpoint accuracy.


  • Longer reach than the Bolt Jr (1.4m)
  • High payload capacity (10kg)
  • Small and portable
  • Under half the weight of Bolt rig
  • Can be used as both camera rig or model mover
  • Track speed in excess of 3m/sec
  • Narrow precision track available (width 745mm)