Sola 6c

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The daylight-balanced Sola 6C™ provides the controllability and light-shaping properties inherent in a Fresnel light, with the advantages of LED technology including DMX-controllability. The Sola 6C draws a small fraction of the power of conventional Fresnel fixtures, and like the rest of the Sola Series, it provides Litepanels’ famous full-spectrum quality light.

High quality 6” Fresnel lens for full spectrum, soft, directional illumination Litepanels proprietary heat-free LED technology
Integrated DMX module for both remote dimming and remote focusing
Ultra-smooth dimming from 100% to 0, with no noticeable colour shift
Daylight colour temperature with no external ballast or restrike period required
Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle
Robust, lightweight composite housing and Standard Yoke with unique Jr pin/Baby pin combination
Pin Incredibly energy efficient, drawing only 104W but comparable to a 200W HMI