Astra 1×1

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The Astra 1×1 features select premium quality, high CRI surface mount LEDs, paired with custom designed TIR optics. These tightly binned LEDs and fine-tuned optics provide the ASTRA 1x1s with superior colour reproduction and a light output that is brighter than the original 1×1 panel with 5mm LEDs, providing greater flexibility than ever before. The ASTRA 1×1 range of professional LED panels includes Daylight, Tungsten and tuneable Bi-Colour models.

High performance LEDs with custom paired optics
Full spectrum quality soft light with visually accurate colour temperature
Wide variety of LED fixtures available
Ultra-smooth diming from 100% to 0 Flicker-free at any frame rate or shutter angle
Intelligent thermal management system for long LED life
Efficient power management delivers low power consumption and enhanced reliability
Engineered and designed in the USA