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The movement toward larger format sensors, such as Arri ALEXA LF, Sony VENICE , Panavision Millennium DXL2, and Arri ALEXA 65  is still in progress. Larger sensors deliver a film-style look with an interesting bokeh due to their very shallow depth of field. These new cameras require lenses that can cover larger sensor sizes or an expander that allows cinematographers to use their favorite S35 lenses. At the moment, there is still a limited amount of professional cine optics for the large format in comparison to the lens choices available for S35 sensors.

IB/E OPTICS has developed the S35x Expander precisely for this purpose.

The S35x6K Expander increases the focal length by a factor of 1.1, scales the Super-35 image to 30mm, and boost the RED Dragon 8K format (34.5mm). While, the S35x8K Expander increases the focal length by a factor of 1.45, scales the Super-35 image up to 44.6 mm, covering full-frame format (ø 43.5 mm) and even the RED Dragon 8K format (46.3mm). The S35xFF Expander can be used on lenses with a maximum aperture of T2.0 and provides the best performance at T2.8 for optimal resolution and sharpness.

  • Robust and durable mechanical design with stainless steel PL mounts, an anodized aluminium body and flair minimized internal surfaces
  • Can be used with most PL mount S35 optics
  • Has a UMS PL mount, allowing it to be used with other mounts, such as standard UMS LPL, EF, E, FZ, and FZ Mark II

*NOT compatible with mirror shutter cameras