HDx35 Mark III Converter

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IB/E Optics

HDx35 Mark III Converter

The HDx35 Mark III is IB/E Optics standard converter for high performance HD ENG 3D CCD lenses, such as TV box lenses, Digiprimes and other broadcast lenses.

This optical converter magnifies for all S35 sensor cameras to include:

  • Arri ALEXA
  • RED Epic (all 4K formats)
  • Sony F3/F5/F55/F65/FS100/FS700
  • Phantom Flex/v641/v642/HD Gold (1920×1080)
  • Canon C100/C300/C500
  • and others


Focal Length Extension 2.6x
Max. Image Diameter (mm) maximum / recommended* 30.2 / 28.6
Max. Input T-stop 1.9
Light Drop (stops) 2.5
Lens Mount B4 2/3”
Camera Mount PL UMS
Length (mm) B4 to PL 61.6
Diameter (mm) 65.0
Weight (kg) 0.50

*depending on max. image diameter of input lens.