Optimo Ultra 12x

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The Angénieux Optimo Ultra 12x is a high-end, multi-format zoom with interchangeable modules to cover sensor sizes from Full Frame 24×36 and RED 8K VV to U35 and S35. It is the venerable Optimo 24-290 reference redefined.  The new Optimo Ultra 12x Zoom refreshes the industry benchmark with a completely new design, even better optics and more rugged mechanics. The classic Angénieux cinematic look continues with smooth skin tones and a pleasing balance between contrast and resolution. One of the key success for Optimo Ultra 12x is the introduction of the unique IRO Interchangeable Rear Optics technology, a revolutionary modular lens design that enables different lens configurations.


Optical Design

  • New optical design to enable Full Frame and VV coverage
  • Up to 200 LPM resolution. (40 LPM = 4K; 80 LPM = 8K)
  • Superb image quality. No ramping of aperture
  • Minimal breathing of focus. Fast maximum aperture
  • IRO Interchangeable Rear Optics
  • Aspheric elements minimize color fringing and distortion
  • Short MOD (Minimum Object Distance – Close Focus)


Mechanical Design

  • Completely updated design from the 24-290 and 28-340
  • Improved durability with special anti-abrasion coating
  • Weight reduction of moving components using new materials
  • Improved resistance to moisture and dust (with dust traps)
  • Precise, assistant-friendly focus ring with 321 degrees of rotation and more than 70 focus marks
  • User changeable focus barrels
  • Passive thermal compensation from -20°C to +40°C means focus marks remain accurate in extreme weather conditions and the zoom stays smooth even in very cold climates
  • Accepts many different lens mounts