Work Hard, Play Hard

While people say that a family that eats together stays together, Jebsen Industrial believes that a workplace family that plays together, unites together! Its people spend eight hours a day, five days a week working as a team, so the company encourages team building activities outside the office. These are viewed as social and recreational opportunities for its people to get to know one another better and build strong and positive relationships in a fun, informal setting.

In October 2016, for example, Jebsen Recreational Club organised a one-day tour to Xiang Tun Water Great Wall. The fresh autumn day was filled with chatter and laughter as Jebsen Industrial people took in fresh air and stretched their muscles during the hike. The Jebsen Industrial team in Dalian chose to bond over bowling in November, following a sumptuous team dinner that brought everyone closer together. Meanwhile, the Jebsen Industrial Tianjin office took a trip to the beautiful city of Hangzhou, enjoying the natural beauty and one another’s company.

Energised by these team building activities and pthers, Jebsen Industrial people are ready to unite as one and turn 2017 into yet another memorable year for themselves and the company!