Why filmmakers should worry about infrared light?

In a recent interview, cinematographer and former president of ASC, Richard Crudo, shared his view on the dangers of infrared (IR) pollution, why color fidelity is so important, and how Tiffen’s full spectrum NATural ND filters can make your images better.

“Infrared is not something arbitrary. It has to be in balance with everything else going on at the same time. Nowadays, fortunately, the technology and the NATural filters from Tiffen have gotten very good. NATural NDs pass things with absolute fidelity, so the things that should not be shifted are not shifted. If you do it right, the filters just take out the bad things and leaves the good things,” Richard Crudo explains.

Almost all digital cameras do have an IR filter built into them, but the difference between the filters (in strength and steepness of the IR cut) is what determines the results that you see. And IR pollution is caused by an imbalance between visible light blockage and IR light, which is very common with older ND technology and avoided by using Tiffen NATural ND filters.

Modern digital sensors are calibrated to capture a full spectrum of light, including a balance of IR and UV light that gives rich red tones and a balanced image. By blocking light in a full spectrum manner, blocking IR, UV and visible light evenly, the Tiffen NATural ND filters maintain a harmony that allows the sensor to create a full and beautiful image.

Older IRND filter technology has been shown to have some issues with consistency after extended use. Tiffen’s unique dual-layer system for reflecting IR light while absorbing visible and UV light assures that these filters will maintain their effectiveness and color neutrality for many years to come. This is especially important for customers renting filters and using multiple cameras as NATural ND filters will be the best bet for making sure all cameras are matching and reduce post production work of balancing image color shifts.

NATural NDs are Tiffen’s most natural and consistent line of neutral density filters ever created!

•          Available in all MPTV and screw-in ring sizes

•          Maintain authentic skin tones without washing out the image

•          Avoid color shift common with older NDs

•          Control light in the most natural way possible

•          Long lasting consistency and durability

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