When Phantom High-Speed Camera meets MRMC Bolt Cinebot

When capturing amazing shots in films or commercials shooting with Phantom Flex4K at 1,000 fps or more, how could we not mention its perfect partner – the Bolt Cinebot computer-controlled robotic arm from MRMC.

In order to create more stunning and immersive shots, directors and cinemaphotographers are looking for ways to get the camera to not only shoot fast but also move fast at the same time. And the Flex4K plus the Bolt Cinebot is the answer.

MRMC’s Bolt Cinebot is able to capture the fastest action with absolute precision. It is capable of get up to full speed almost instantly so that the camera can go from standstill to high-speed motion and back to a standstill in fractions of seconds. Such as following falling objects and capturing images that would be not possible by handheld or other methods.

Combined with the Flair motion control software, the Bolt rig is quick to program moves. General inputs and outputs can be programmed for triggering at an exact time.

The Bolt Cinebot can also be track mounted to allow tracking of the entire unit, adding further dimension and scope to the system.

Bolt Jr.
Bolt X on track

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