Steadicam now available in the new cost-effective M-2 Core Kit

The most integrated and adaptable Steadicam system ever made is here. Now, operators on a budget can step into the latest technology and own a Steadicam that’s ready to grow with them. Specially configured and priced to provide an entry point into the Steadicam M-Series ecosystem, M-2 Core Kit M2-VLKIT utilizes the same lightweight components and modular design that has made the M-2 an industry standard. The kit is fully compatible with all M-Series components and accessories including the Steadicam Volt™, so as an operator’s needs change, their sled adapts with them.

Modular to suit your style

The M2-VLKIT is compatible with the V-Lock base. The sled versions include the M-2 Flat Top Stage with Dovetail Plate, M-2 Gimbal, 1.58” 2-section Post, Monitor Bracket, and Battery Base. Core Kits also feature the G-50X Iso-Elastic Arm with Steadicam’s exclusive Lift & Ride control as well as the Zephyr Vest with Large Socket Block and the Padded Docking Bracket.


  • M-2 Flat Top Stage
  • M-2 Gimbal
  • 1.58” Post
  • Monitor Bracket
  • V-Lock Base
  • Padded Docking Bracket
  • G-50X Arm
  • Zephyr Vest

Take your cinematography to the next level

In addition, M-2 Core Kit is easily upgraded with the revolutionary Steadicam Volt M2-VK active horizon assist technology. This lightweight motor drive measures and assists in holding virtually any tilt or roll angle to maintain a perfectly level horizon — leaving operators free to focus on movement and framing composition. This and other accessories may be added at any time for a future-proof Steadicam system.

Benefits of the M-2 Core Kit

  • Modular design
  • Volt upgrade ready
  • Compatible with all M-Series accessories
  • Made in the USA

The M-2 core kit is ready to use out of the box and in a more “affordable” option. Start your Steadicam journey now, contact JCineCast team for more details.