Special Encouragement To Young Chinese Director Of Photography Cecile Zhang At 2018 ”Pierre AngÉnieux Excellens In Cinematography”

Young Chinese cinematographer Cecile Zhang has been the first recipient of the Angenieux special encouragement on the occasion of Angénieux’s Tribute to Ed Lachman ceremony on 18 May at 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

Cecile Zhang who graduated with honors from the Beijing Film Academy received the opportunity to use an Angenieux zoom lens of her choice on her next project.

She received this Angenieux special encouragement from Severine Serrano’s – Angenieux Managing Director and famous Chinese actor Xu Zheng.

Cinematographer Cecile Zhang‘s speech on stage at Bunuel theater in Cannes’ Palais des Festivals during the 2018 Pierre AngenieuxExcelLens in Cinematography. Photo credit : Angenieux

“It’s such an honour that Angénieux is recognising me with this special encouragement. When I first received the call from them, I was on my way to the gym and trying to figure out if there would be transportation to get my equipment the next day. To be honest, I was very suspicious. It was a surprise to me – someone who’s just starting off her career – would get this special encouragement. 

I was the only girl in my class at Beijing Film Academy. I’m very thankful that my teachers trained me as hard as the boys. Sometimes even harder. Although they didn’t think I would even work in the camera department. I have chosen to be a cinematographer because I love it,  I find value in visualising stories. I am very young and still have so much to learn – this is why I am so grateful that Angenieuxhas given me the chance to meet Mr. Ed Lachman.

Because of this, I have found even more energy to do better as a cinematographer.  I hope I can stand among some of the world’s greatest DP’s – like Mr Ed Lachman- as an equal in the future. 

My generation of fellow Chinese cinematographers live in China, are supported by our country, but we open our arms to the world. This might just be a reward to the outside; but to me it’s a small step forward for all the young female Chinese and international cinematographers.

It is also a beautiful example of cultural exchange and a well deserved encouragement to all the young and strong women in film. 

Thank you very much.“

About Cecile Zhang

Cecile is a Chinese cinematographer who graduated in Cinematography with high honors at a bachelor and master’s degree from the Beijing Film Academy. 

Cecile was accepted into the Beijing Film Academy at 17 years old and was the only female cinematographer in her academic year. Cecile has shot feature films, short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials. 

Her previous works as director of photography include the 2017 feature film, documentary and TV Commercial.