Warm Diffusion Filter

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Tiffen’s Warm Diffusion family premiers three distinctive innovations—all aimed at giving new cinematic looks to today’s diverse array of dark complexions—in camera. Each filter in the series offers the benefits of Tiffen Filter’s effective yet natural-looking diffusion while adding a warm overtone.

The new Warm Diffusion Filters prevent highlights from blowing out and shadows from losing detail, assisting cinematographers create the greatest images.


Antique Black Pearlescent

Maintain deep blacks while preserving shadow detail without excessive halation or loss of contrast.

Antique Pearlescent

Create a soft, pleasing atmospheric glow, along with a mild desaturation of colours and gentle creamy halation.

Antique Satin

Smooths fine details like pores on the skin while maintaining overall sharpness, without reducing contrast.


Specifications & Sizes

  • standard size (4X4, 6X6, 4X5.65, 138mm)
  • 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, or 2 densities
  • Special sizes and strengths including 3 and 4 are available upon request


Key Features

  • An effective yet natural-looking diffusion while adding a warm overtone
  • Available in all standard sizes and densities
  • Made with high-quality optical glass using Tiffen’s ColorCore© technology
  • 10-year warranty
  • Made in USA