NATural ND Graduated Filters

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NATural Graduated Filters

The Tiffen NATural ND family of neutral density filters expands with the new
NATural ND Graduated filters, completing the set of full spectrum, color
neutral, high quality NDs. Now you can preserve creative intent and color
fidelity with a matched set of NDs that won’t scratch off or fade away.

Graduated neutral density filters designed to match the existing NATural
ND solid filters. They are available in 5 strengths (clear to 0.3-1.5), with either
soft edge (SE) or hard edge (HE) gradation, in sizes 4×5.650 or 6.6×6.6.


  •  Maintain complete control of light across the visible and IR spectrum
    while maintaining neutrality with unmatched color fidelity
  • Color match perfectly with Tiffen NATural ND solid filters
  • Made with WaterWhite glass and use Tiffen’s patented ColorCore®
    technology for accurate color rendition and an effect that will not scratch
    off or fade over time
  • Will not shift colors like older ND technology that used dyes