Bolt 4K MAX

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The New Ultra-Performing Teradek Bolt 4K Max

Joining the Bolt 4K 750 and Bolt 4K 1500, the new flagship model Bolt 4K MAX is the most feature-rich and advanced wireless video system Teradek ever created. Bolt 4K MAX can transmit 4K HDR video wirelessly in real-time over distances up to 5000 ft (1500 m) when used with next generation Array 4K Panel Antenna and up to 10,000 ft (3000 m) in Broadcast Mode.


The Bolt 4K MAX is packed with exclusive features as follows:

  • Extreme Range: Transmit up to 5,000ft line-of-sight with the Bolt 4K MAX’s new antenna configuration and Broadcast Mode.
  • Interference Resistant: Turn on Fixed Frequency Mode to lock onto a specific 5GHz channel for enhanced performance in the toughest RF environments.
  • Maximum Performance: Bolt 4K MAX utilizes a new H-V antenna configuration that provides a clearer wireless signal with faster reconnection times over long distances.
  • Unlimited Receivers: Broadcast Mode supports an unlimited number of Bolt 4K MAX receivers.
  • 120 FPS: Transmit up to 1080p120 for high-speed camera applications.
  • All Bolt 4K systems transmit 10-bit 4:2:2 HDR video at resolutions up to 2160p. Users can transmit to up to six receivers over 14 certified 40MHz channels with a strong wireless link and more options to avoid interference.


For HDR workflows, the Bolt 4K MAX supports the HDR-10, PQ, and HLG standards and can transport extended camera metadata, timecode, and record triggers over the wireless link. The system is also interoperable, allowing any model to transmit and receive from the other (i.e, a Bolt 4K 750 receiver is compatible with a Bolt 4K MAX transmitter and vice-versa).

For more details, please contact our Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions team.