The Steadicam M-2 is the most integrated and adaptable Steadicam system ever created by Tiffen’s Steadicam. Not only does the M-2 offer a lighter weight and lower cost high end system, it also features the revolutionary Steadicam Volt™ technology directly built in for a sleeker, more versatile rig. The M-2 takes the concept of modularity to a whole new level. Almost every component of the sled offers options for customization. The lightweight redesigned quick-release monitor mount is compatible with a variety of professional monitors. In total the M-2 can be configured in multiple combinations to suit each operator’s preferences, or additional pieces can be purchased for adapting the sled based on the needs of the project.



  • The Volt electronics, which measure the roll, tilt and pan motion of the camera, are directly integrated in into the camera top stage
  • Volt controls are configured on either side of the stage
  • Rigid carbon fiber posts are available in 1.75” 2 or 3 section post 1.58” standard or short post
  • The sled base is built with either Gold mount or V-lock battery plates
  • A hot-swappable 3rd battery mount is available
  • The monitor mount uses industry-standard 60mm rod spacing
  • Both standard and tilt top stages are available with or without Volt electronics built in