Scorpio 30’+7’ Telescopic Crane

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The Scorpio telescopic cranes continue the tradition of R&D excellence of Servicevision with constant electronic upgrades using pan, tilt and travelling encoders.

The Scorpio 30’+7’ is the telescopic cranes with 9m/30′ arm length and arm extension option of 2m/7′ to reach 11m/37′ starting from the same size with the arm closed. It consists of 3 telescopic arms that are pushed by the previous one by means of two independent lateral cables, allowing double safety, greater precision in the movement and less need for tension adjustment in the cables themselves. It is well known with its arc compensation feature.

  • Maximum length is 9m/30’ /  11m/37’
  • Minimum length is 2.25m/8’
  • The arm has the back length of 2.25m/8’
  • Telescopic range covers 7m/21 /  8.5m/27’
  • Max. Optical axis height reaches 7.7m/25 ‘ / 9.40m/30’