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The MINI LF, compatible with ARRI ALEXA Mini or MINI LF cameras, is a deeply integrated marine imaging system, blurring the lines between housing and camera. Twelve user-assignable controls interface directly with the ARRI Mini allowing access to frequently used functions like white balance, peaking, display overlay, and frame rate.  Gates’ familiar mechanical Focus / Iris / Zoom controls provide precision handling of hundreds of LPL, PL, Anamorphic and DSLR lenses with the same adaptable Lens Gear Drive system found in the Gates cinema-grade family.

When setup with Gates SPR80 Stackable Port Ring system, the MINI LF Housing is a compact kit.  Travel friendly in two carry-on size cases.  The larger SPR110 Stackable Port Rings accommodate ARRI cForce mini motors, giving the topside DP full lens and camera control.  Add SDI surface video for complete surface operational command and control.

Key Features

  • External monitor housing (included)
  • Clear, uncomplicated design
  • 2-year warranty
  • Precision Ports™ for clear & sharp optics
  • User-assignable controls
  • Adjustable controls
  • Extensive lens support
  • Adjustable buoyancy and trim
  • Stackable port rings
  • Seal Check II
  • Adjustable grips
  • Quick media and battery change
  • Extensive set of accessories options available