ISCO4all combines three stand-alone spherical cine primes and an anamorphic front adapter. The adapter ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5x is considered a true classic among anamorphic film fans. And while its vintage look remained the same, the modern version shows upgrades such as a reduced closed focus distance of 1.4 m, clarity improvement and a 0.8 gear ring.

The three compact ISCOspherical A+ cine primes complement the set with focal lengths of 43, 58 and 85 mm and a 2.4 T-stop. They are a Schneider-Kreuznach version of the Mini-Primes by the young company DuLens and made to match the ISCORAMA-style. That is why the lenses are provided with an ISCOspherical Amber-Coating (A+) that can create particularly authentic flares. Selected accessories complete the set that comes along in a handy hard case.

Key Features

ISCORAMA 54 CU-1.5x:

  • Squeeze factor 1.5x
  • Patented ISCO single-focus system
  • Minimum Focus Distance 1.4m
  • Stepless horizon adjustment
  • Standard 0.8mm gear on the focus ring
  • ¼”-20 UNC bracket for rod support

ISCOsphericals A+ EF:

  • Vintage-style look and flare
  • Amber coating (A+)
  • Consistent in size, weight and scale positions
  • Light-weight
  • EF mount; PL mount kit available as accessory


Movie ‘ISCO rides again’ (2021):
Directed and shot by Daniel Bichler and Marco Werner
Shot on RED MONSTRO. All shots were taken with the ISCORAMA adapter.