Inertia Wheels 2-Axis

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The NODO Inertia Wheels 2-Axis is a wireless long-range digital camera controller featuring proprietary Inertia Motors™ inside the wheels, ability to record and playback moves, built-in effects, and included training software. The Inertia Wheels are compatible with Freefly MōVI and DJI Ronin line of gimbals as well as a range of other camera platforms. The controller has dual-band, long-range 400-950MHz+2.4GHz wireless communication beyond 1 mile with a fast refresh rate of 100Hz. Optional hardwire connection of up to 2000ft. And the option to add a Third Axis wheel in the future.


  • Proprietary Adjustable Weighted Wheels
  • Wireless Long-Range Camera Controller
  • Compatible with DJI Ronin, MōVI and many more
  • Optional 3rd Axis Wheel
  • 1 Mile Wireless Range
  • 2000ft Cabled Range
  • 10ms latency
  • Transmit on 434MHz, 868MHz, 915MHz
  • Receive on 2.4GHz
  • Built-in frequency scanner
  • Included free training software