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Hive Lighting’s first omni-color LED, the 100-C, uses just 75 watts to produce light output comparable to 1 400-750 watt incandescent. The 100-C features Hive’s Perfect S.H.O.T. system which allows complete control of output and color while it’s omni-color LED technology creates full spectrum light with up to a 98 CRI/97 TLCI.  The 100-C can run off a battery or universal wall power, weighs just 2.5 lbs, and is compatible with hundreds of accessories.

  • 75W Omni-Color LED
  • 1,650K – 8,000K Color Temperature
  • 400-750W incandescent equivalent
  • 2.3 lbs. / 1.1 kg. Weight
  • Up to 98 CRI / 97 TLCI
  • 360° Hue Control
  • 0 – 100% Dimming & Saturation Control
  • Manual, DMX, and Smartphone control