MRMC Bolt X Successfully Arrives in Shanghai Creative Studio Amidst Pandemic

JCineCast has successfully delivered Bolt X, the latest cinebot by Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), to the Shanghai Mushang Advertising Co., Ltd. this year. Mushang is the first creative studio in China to own both MRMC Bolt Jr+ and Bolt X motion control units.

A high-speed cinema robot that also works with MRMC’s premier motion control software Flair, Bolt X features a speed of 9.7 metres per second and a 4.3-metre maximum height. It offers a portable, easy-to-install shooting tool for users like Mushang who are on a constant lookout for cine solutions that keep their team working at top speed while producing high-quality content.

“We are happy to finally get our hands on the new Bolt X, which we procured to support our more extreme and wider-angle shooting requirements. While the Bolt Jr+ helps us with capturing still subject with ultra-high-speed precision for commercials, Bolt X comes in handy for shooting films and high-end commercials featuring talent and automotive in high-speed action,” said the company’s owner, Mr. Henry Sha.

Supporting Visual Storytellers

The JCineCast team shares the company’s excitement, especially as both the delivery and installation process of the Bolt X were met with many challenges along the way.

Due to the pandemic, the team had to deal with surging air freight costs as well as the shortage of flights. Communication with the foreign freight forwarders, made more difficult by the time difference, also became a challenge. Moreover, as Shanghai was on lockdown, the team had to apply many times before finally securing a permit to enter the city.

Anticipating that our team would not be able to physically assist Mushang onsite to install the equipment, the JCineCast team worked one month prior to the delivery, creating detailed installation documents and guides for the customer to follow.

Speaking of the seamless remote assistance provided by JCineCast and the MRMC teams, Henry said, “The pandemic made everything really challenging for all the teams involved. But we are grateful to the JCineCast & MRMC team for their patience and assistance all the way. They have always been 100% behind us and our goal of becoming the world’s top visual creative company.”

Thanks also to the close coordination between the JCineCast and MRMC teams, the Bolt X arrived and was safely and smoothly installed, in time for the company’s scheduled shooting project and the reopening of Shanghai.

Valuing the trust it has received from Mushang, as well as other local and global customers over the years, JCineCast remains committed to delivering service excellence and innovative equipment to the visual arts and creative industry.