JCineCast Delivers First Batch of Angénieux EZ3 Lenses in China

Following the official launch of the Angénieux EZ3 zoom lens, the JCineCast team is set to deliver the first batch of the long-awaited EZ3 in China.

Customers can enjoy the full features of the highly anticipated EZ3 lens. Completing Angénieux’s set of lightweight EZ zoom series, the new lens presents a welcome addition to their beloved standard EZ1 and wide-angle EZ2 lenses. Featuring a longer focal range—45-165mm T2.3/T3 (S35) and 68-250 T3.5/T4.5 (FF/VV)—and enhanced flexibility, the multi-format EZ3 lens provides EZ users with a new valuable tool that expands their creativity, ultimately maximising their investment.

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A collaboration between Jebsen Consumer Products Co Ltd., Angénieux, and Band Pro Film & Digital Inc., EZ3 was ​​first launched in 2017. Dubbed by Angénieux as a “dream lens”, it retains the same cinematic look that users have loved in the brand’s EZ series, all while remaining compact and affordable.

Notably, the EZ3 is also equipped with Angénieux’s innovative IRO (Interchangeable Rear Optics) design. Featuring improved user-configurable mechanisms, the EZ3 lens allows seamless switching between S35 and FF formats in just 5 minutes. The new lens design also enables users to swiftly alter the focus scale between metres and feet, facilitating smooth transitions between preferences without disrupting creative momentum.

The EZ3 further establishes itself as a versatile cine tool suitable for independent and professional filmmakers alike. With its interchangeable PL, RF, EF & E mounts, this lens stands as a future-proof companion, especially when working with the extensive range of camera systems available in the market. This adaptability grants creators even more flexibility, empowering them to elevate their storytelling creatives.