Introducing New Base Module Upgrade “ULTRA XP” from MotoCrane

The new ULTRA XP Base is a plug-n-play base module upgrade for MotoCrane ULTRA that notably upgrades performance in a variety of ways, including zero backlash, +300% response, +50% speed and structurally reinforced.

Zero backlash

The new, dual-stage “synchromonic” powertrain design combines two motion-control grade backlash-free stages of gear reduction for a huge increase in power, responsiveness, and smoothness. While the original ULTRA Base utilizes planetary and worm gears operating at approx. 20% net efficiency, the ULTRA XP Base operates at over 80% efficiency to deliver approximately 1000ft-lbs of peak torque, at >10RPM RPM.

Watch the launch film to learn more and see the customer’s first experience with the XP Base.

No Flex Zone

Designed for applications that push ULTRA to the limit- the XP Base eliminates any/all flex at the Base to Turret connection with new Turret braces (SS304) that provide a much stronger and more direct path for dynamic loads. Just like it’s big brother HYPER- The XP Base rotates on a large diameter, rigid cross-roller bearing which results in more precise Lift axis movements than previously.

Ready for the Fastest Camera Cars

1000ft-lbs of peak torque not only contributes to insane responsiveness, it helps the XP Base perform 360º Swings at mind-blowing sustained vehicle speeds of over 100MPH.

Expanded ACC Connections

Accessory input/output has been expanded for the XP Base to feature 2 new ports- ACC COM and ACC PWR2. ACC COM allows common signal types to be hardwired through the XP Base slipring, and ACC PWR2 allows another DC voltage to be provided in addition to the existing ACC PWR port. For example, with the XP Base both 12V and 24V can be provided for heads like the ARRI SRH-3/360 which requires both voltages simultaneously via 3-pin and 4-pin XLR.

Same Mounting

The XP Base uses the same Base Driver Unit as the original ULTRA base so that users can choose to simply swap their existing BDU or get complete XP Base and retain their original as a spare.

Please contact JCineCast team for further information.