Introducing IB/E Optics’ Smartfinder Pro

A Director’s viewfinder has allowed Directors and DP’s to work out lensing and camera angles since the earliest days of film. Mimicking the camera, they allowed the crew to work out angles and shot-blocking without requiring the entire crew to move rather complex and cumbersome film cameras every time.

Traditional models offered variable focal lengths, but not the actual characteristics of your chosen optics. For those one would need to employ a lens finder, that uses the actual camera lens to better determine the framing and focus.

IB/E is introducing the Smartfinder Pro, a new electronic Director’s viewfinder for lenses from S35 to full format and up to 65mm format. The Smartfinder Pro uses our UMS Universal Mount System, which includes ARRI LPL, PL and, on request, XPL.

The image is gathered on a 62mm ∅ groundglass, which is slightly larger than the image area of an ARRI Alexa 65. The groundglass concept is just like a traditional optical Director’s finder. Attach an iPhone behind the groundglass. The iPhone camera focuses through four IB/E optical elements onto the groundglass, and users view the image on the screen of your iPhone 7/8 Plus. The Smartfinder’s handgrip fits a power bank which allows users to charge the phone while scouting.

In addition, the iPhone lets you shoot frame grabs and, of course, videos. This is helpful for scouting and pre-viz.

With over a dozen camera manufacturers and more than 50 lens companies included, IB/E Smartfinder Pro combines the best parts of a Director’s Finder, a Lens Finder and a smartphone app into a single product that handles all of those needs onset.

Please contact our Cinematic & Broadcasting Solution team for more details.