Innovative Cinematic & Broadcast Technologies To Be Showcased At BIRTV 2019 BY JCineCast

Date: 2019.08.21 ~ 2019.08.24

Venue: China International Exhibition Centre (CIEC)

Booth: Hall 8B10A

City: Beijing

JCineCast, Jebsen Industrial’s Cinematic and Broadcasting & Solutions’ business, once again brings cinematic innovation to this year’s Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition (BIRTV) with a multi-brand showcase of professional cine equipment. Tradeshow guests can expect to see and examine up-close a selection of the latest technologies designed for large format productions. The JCineCast team will likewise help visiting filmmakers maximize the opportunity to explore the featured lenses, cameras and accessories during the event, and find the best solutions that match their storytelling style and needs. 

Telling Stories Like No Other.

Riding on this year’s theme “Telling Stories Like No Other.”, JCineCast continues to team up with some of the biggest innovators to bring a game-changing collection from large format lenses and high-speed cameras to accessories and supporting equipment to BIRTV 2019. These include:

Ideal for demanding productions requiring native cinema design, the new full frame Optimo Prime Series lens will make its first appearance at BIRTV 2019. It will be showcased together with the well-acclaimed multi-format high magnification zoom released just last year, the Optimo Ultra 12X.

  • Phantom V2640 Onyx and Flex 4K-GS Hi-speed Cameras

Also making its debut appearance at this year’s BIRTV event is the V2640 Onyx, a 4 Mpx camera perfect for capturing images over 1000 frames. It will be featured alongside the Flex 4K-GS, designed to run the sensor in global shutter mode while delivering crisp-focus 4K imaging at 1000 fps.

  • MRMC Bolt High Speed Cinebot

Today’s fastest high-speed camera robot, Cinebot, operates 128 robotic arm movements and can be controlled at a 180-degree arc in any direction, capturing fast-motion scenes with high precision and accuracy.

Making waves in the performance 3D printing landscape is the MakerBot Method 3D printer, an accessible solution to production-ready movie prop requirements. Bringing full-scale designs to life fast yet with quality precision and accuracy, this cutting-edge technology is a smart and

cost-efficient alternative to industrial 3D printers on film sets.

Delivering a truly immersive cinematic experience

Filmmakers continue to look for innovative products to upgrade their production and exceed expectations of moviegoers. JCineCast recognizes this growing need and through partnerships with global cine technology leaders, supports Chinese cinematographers in their pursuit of world-class film productions. By bridging any gap between the latest film technologies and the filmmaker’s creative visions, JCineCast helps revolutionize the local cinematic experience, and fuel the growth of the film industry in the region as well.

For live demos, tests and more, don’t miss the JCineCast team at BIRTV 2019!