China Rental House Captures World-class Images With MRMC Bolt High Speed Camera Robot

A Growing Local Need to Entertain a Global Audience.

The world is seeing unprecedented developments in the entertainment industry. Technology advancements are responding to the changing needs and preferences of movie watchers worldwide. More and more film industry players are stepping up their cinematic game to keep global viewers entertained.

To deliver originality, filmmakers look out for innovative ways to tell their story. This includes the adoption of technologies that add life, color, and excitement for heightened visual impact. More and more movies have elevated their action-packed scenes with dramatic sequences and ultra-crisp images, aided by technology robots—one of which is the Bolt CineBot, today’s fastest high-speed camera robot, created by Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC).

World-class Film Technology, CineBot, Made Accessible to the Chinese Market by JCineCast.

Rental house U Yuan Film Equipment Rental Ltd, recently provided cine equipment for a film that required such advancement. Jebsen Industrial’s Cinematic and Broadcasting Solutions JCineCast team, was on set at Qingdao to deliver the CineBot and help the rental house and film crew install the product. The team also provided technical training onsite, together with representatives from MRMC.

Together with a representative from Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), the JCineCast technical team installs the assembled 950-lb high speed camera robot.

Peter Rush, Senior Quality Manager of MRMC, conducts onsite training on the CineBot to production crew.

Spokesperson Mr. Sun of U Yuan Film Equipment Rental Ltd, shared how the technology has helped the film achieve stunning cinematic effects.

“Capturing high-speed live-action scenes with precision and accuracy truly brought the film’s images to a whole new level. We are confident that more movies are going to be filmed remarkably and in similarly amazing detail with this world-class equipment. We are glad that the JCineCast team helps make such technologies accessible through their deployment, training, and maintenance services.”

The JCineCast team assembles the Bolt CineBot onsite with the crew of U Yuan Film Equipment Rental Ltd.

Parts of the MRMC Bolt High Speed CineBot are delivered and prepared for assembly at the studio, in preparation for a film shoot.

The CineBot moves impressively fast at 4.5 meters per second along precisely installed rails.

Comprehensive Support: Technical Training and Aftersales Service

Programmed into a software that operates 128 robotic arm movements, the 950-lb Bolt CineBot is an impressive addition to any local production studio. With a new A-grade and complex technology on set, crew of the U Yuan Film Equipment Rental Ltd needed to fully understand its state-of-the-art capabilities to make the most of the heavyweight technology.

The JCineCast team’s comprehensive knowledge of the equipment enabled them to extend quality training and aftersales service to everyone onsite. They also engaged Mr. Peter Rush, Senior Quality Manager of MRMC, to conduct the on-site training on installation, operation and daily maintenance of the CineBot to customers and production crew.

The JCineCast team ensures that the camera robot’s rails are accurately and securely installed.

Mr. Rush demonstrated to the Studio’s staff how to properly install the CineBot, which is fixed to a stationary base that moves on rails, and is paired with the Phantom Flex 4K High Speed Camera. He also showed how, through the use of the Flair software—also made by MRMC—its arm can be controlled at a 180-degree arc in any direction.

Peter Rush, Senior Quality Manager of MRMC, demonstrates how the Phantom Flex 4K High Speed Camera works with the Bolt CineBot.

“Through the hands-on training, the crew, especially those who are direct users of the equipment, understood the mechanism behind how the multi-axis robot is able to shoot scenes with quick precision, all while moving fast as well,” said Mr. Jack Yu, Head of Jebsen Industrial Cinematic & Broadcasting Solutions.

Mr. Rush also shared how customer can keep the product performing at its most efficient through daily maintenance tips, which cover transport, storage, and cleaning.

“We knew that CineBot was going to be an exciting part of our daily operations, but it’s easy to get intimidated by its extensive offerings. Thanks to the training session, we were able to appreciate the product more and to use the technology confidently,” shared Mr. Sun of U Yuan Film Equipment Rental Ltd.

Adding to the filmmaker and rental house’s confidence is the manufacturer-grade technical expertise of Jebsen Industrial service technicians who are qualified and certified by MRMC. As the Bolt CineBot is part of the products serviced under JCineCare Service Centre, customer can expect fast and reliable service for their repair and maintenance needs.

“The post-deployment experience is very important to us,” said Mr. Sun of U Yuan Film Equipment Rental Ltd. “JCineCast’s instant and efficient aftersales service maximizes the value of these investments.”

“We have worked with different clients in China’s media and film industry, and we know that our service does not end once we have delivered the product to them. We want them to keep growing and keep getting better at their craft. While they make globally competitive films, our capable team stands by for any support they need with their equipment,” said Mr. Jack Yu.

The fully installed MRMC Bolt CineBot, standing tall and ready for action.