Announcing The Phantom Veo 440

Introducing the latest member of Phantom VEO product family member, the Phantom VEO 440 is designed to perform in demanding industrial applications requiring reliable, high resolution imaging at 4Gpx/second frame rates.

The VEO 440 shoots at over 1,100 fps at full four-megapixel resolution, over 2,000 fps at full 1080p HD, and up to 290,000 fps at the minimum resolution. The VEO 440 is available with up to 72GB of RAM and with VEO S or L body styles. The L-model is streamlined for software-based imaging, where the S-models include ruggedized connectors and additional features to allow for untethered recording. Both versions offer the 10Gb Ethernet option for the fastest workflow possible.

Designed to meet the needs of a variety of applications the Phantom VEO 440 is a 4 Mpx high-speed camera with numerous features. The small, a 5-inch cube, body style is built rugged to endure extreme temperatures and intense shocks and vibrations. With two body styles available there are options available for both production and laboratory needs.

Key Features:

  • 1,100 fps at 2560 x 1600

Exposure Index:

  • Mono 6,400 – 32,000
  • Color 1,250 – 6,400
  • 18, 36 or 72GB RAM
  • 10Gb Ethernet Option

Phantom high-speed cameras are used in a wide variety of applications, especially within the systematic investigation and scientific research spectrum like medical and physics. The ultra-high frame rate capabilities of these cameras are also being utilized in the cinema world when extreme slow motion shots are needed.