Angénieux Optimo Primes Reference

Amidst a challenging year for the global film production industry, China’s film industry stood out as a beacon of resilience and optimism. The Year of the Rabbit witnessed an encouraging recovery in the Chinese box office, with the highest cinema attendance recorded in four years.

More than a testament to the enduring appeal of the big screen experience, this positive momentum was driven by several fundamental factors. One was a significant shift in favour of domestic production, with more Chinese filmmakers embracing the opportunity to tell their stories through film and local audiences developing a greater preference for culturally and linguistically resonant films.

Also noteworthy is a growing appetite for diverse film genres and themes. Encouraged by this, filmmakers are exploring a broader range of themes and narratives, as well as experimenting with various cinematic techniques. This rise of variety not only highlights the immense talent within Chinese filmmaking, but also breathes new life into the film landscape.

Contributing to these fresh and captivating cinematic experiences are the Angénieux Optimo Primes (OP) and the Integrated Optical Palette (IOP) technology. With the exceptional image quality, precise control and extensive focal lengths they offer, these advances in cine equipment empower filmmakers to push the boundaries of storytelling and unlock their creative visions.

The impact of the Angénieux OP was evident in several noteworthy film projects screened in the past year, where they played a pivotal role in unleashing filmmakers’ artistic vision with precision and clarity:

Never Say Never

Director: Wang Baoqiang & Director of Photography: Luo Pan

The Shadowless Tower

Director: Zhang Lu& Director of Photography: Songri Piao

So Long For Love

Director: Wang Xiaolie & Director of Photography: Qiu Zhen

Love Life Light

Director: Cheldon Cai & Director of Photography: Fan Chao

Five Hundred Miles

Director: Su Lun &Director of Photography: Zhou Wen Cao

Kicking off another year of cinematic wonders, we invite you to stay tuned for upcoming movies shot with Angénieux Optimo Primes, to be screened in the upcoming Spring Festival, including:

Article 20

Director: Zhang Yimou& Director of Photography: Zhou Xiaoding

Viva La Vida

Director: Roman/Da Jiang & Director of Photography: Han Yan

We look forward to seeing more releases of local productions shot with Angénieux lenses.

Photo source: Douban Movie Database