Angenieux Cine Lenses: Behind the Blockbusters

Armed with state-of-the-art technologies, cinematographers around the world are increasingly empowered to capture and create top quality images for the big screens, high ranking TV series and independent content. On their production sets, it’s not surprising to find Angenieux cine lenses at work, handpicked by world’s top cinematographers to bring to life some of the globally applauded motion pictures we see today.

Purposely built for cinematic production, Angenieux cine lenses achieve excellence in design, mechanical and optical perfection. The French brand’s longstanding commitment to innovation highlights the growing capabilities of these lenses, making them a top-of-mind choice for quality production.

All Angenieux cine lenses offer a fast T-stop throughout the entire zoom range, large focus scale rotation angle that enables precise manual focusing and retain superb image quality even under extreme environmental conditions. The pristine optical performance and seamless blend between contrast and resolution create a distinct cinematic look unique to Angenieux lenses.

Here are some of the latest blockbusters that were shot on Angenieux lenses:

Title Lenses Used
The IrishmanOptimo 24-290
Les Misérables Optimo 15-40, Optimo 28-76, Optimo 45-120
Little Women Optimo Zooms
Bombshell Optimo Zooms
The Two Popes Optimo 15-40, Optimo 24-290, Optimo 28-76, Optimo 45-120
A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood Optimo Zooms
Terminator: Dark Fate Optimo A2S Lenses
Spider-man: Far from Home Optimo Zooms
X-men: Dark Phoenix Optimo Zooms
Ad Astra Optimo 24-290
Dark Water Optimo 28-76
21 Bridges Optimo DP Lenses
Sympathy for The Devil Optimo 24-290
Gloria Mundi Optimo 28-76, Optimo 45-120
Aquarela Optimo15-40
The Neighbor Optimo 19.5-94, Optimo Styles
An Officer and A Spy Type EZ-2 FF/VistaVision, Optimo Ultra12x S35
Bacurau Optimo Anamorphic
The Wild Goose Lake Optimo 12x
The Captain Optimo 24-290, Type EZ Series 22-60, Type EZ Series 45-135, Optimo Zooms
Jade Dynasty Type EZ-1 22-60, Type EZ-1 45-135, Optimo 24-290, Optimo 28-340
IP Man 4 Optimo Zooms
To Live To Sing Optimo style 30-80, Optimo 24-290
Summer of Changsha Optimo 24-290

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